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Royal Canin Early Renal Dog Dry Food 2kg


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ROYAL CANIN VETERINARY DIET Canin Veterinary Early Renal Dry Dog Food

Designed specifically for dogs in the early stages of renal insufficiency, Royal Canin Veterinary Early Renal Dog Food is a nourishing blend that combines essential nutrients, antioxidants, and digestive aids to support your pets overall health.

  • Formulated to support dogs with chronic renal insufficiency
  • Contains EPA & DHA which contribute to kidney health
  • Moderate phosphorus levels to prevent kidney overwork
  • Enriched with antioxidants to combat oxidative stress
  • Includes chondroitin, glucosamine, and an adapted L-tryptophan ratio for ageing support
  • Highly digestible ingredients aiding gastrointestinal health
  • Available in both wet and dry food options for preference and variety
  • Complete diet for early stage renal care
  • Designed for chronic kidney disease1 proteinuria (IRIS stage 1)
  • Not suitable for growth, gestation, or lactation periods
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • Ideal for dogs with early signs of kidney health issues
  • Not recommended for puppies, pregnant, or nursing dogs
  • Consult a vet before use or prolonging the period of use
  • Regular health checkups every 6 months recommended


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