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Filta-Bac Sunfilter And Anti Bacterial Cream 120g


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Filta-Bac Sunfilter and Anti Bacterial Cream is for wound protection on Dogs, Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Goats


  • Provides protection against the sun for sensitive or damaged skin
  • Offers anti-bacterial protection for wounds and skin conditions
  • Suitable to use as a sunscreen and for sun burn with an SPF of 29-33
  • Great to use on damaged or irritated skin
  • Covers wounds and acts like a second skin, keeping out dirt and retaining moisture
  • Allows the wound to breathe
  • Antibacterial properties prevent colonisation of the wound


  • For animal treatment only
  • For animals with renal failure, frequent daily applications of Filta-Bac over large areas of the body should be avoided
  • Withholding Periods: Nil
  • In the case of an allergic skin reaction, cease application and wash area with warm water and mild soap
  • Some sensitive areas may react to the anti-bacterial agent in Filta-Bac


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