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Bravecto Chew 40-56kg (Purple)


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Bravecto Chewable Tablets provide treatment and prevention of flea infestation for 3 months and treatment and control of paralysis tick for 4 months. Bravecto provides effective control of fleas within 8 hours of administration and effective control of pre-existing paralysis tick infestation within 24 hours. Comes in highly palatable tasty oral chew for easy administration.

Treatment and control of brown dog tick for 8 weeks. Rapid onset of action kills newly emerged adult fleas before they lay eggs. Administer Bravecto at or around the time of feeding.

Features and Benefits
• Longest-lasting protection against fleas and paralysis ticks in one chew
•Tasty pork flavoured chew
•Safe for puppies from 8 weeks of age, weighing at least 2 kg.
•Safe for use in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs.
• Treatment and Control of Paralysis Tick for 4 Months
• Treatment and Prevention of Flea Infestations for 3 Months

Ideal for Dogs that:
•Are currently on a monthly oral treatment – with Bravecto Chew you only need to treat 4 times for full year flea and paralysis tick protection, not 12 or more! Easy.
•Swim and enjoy water activity frequently.
•Love tasty chews.

Flea Control
•Kills adult fleas within 8 hours of treatment and prevents flea re-infestations for 3 months.
•Kills newly emerged adult fleas before they can lay eggs, breaking the flea life cycle.
•Prevents flea tapeworm transmission from infected fleas for up to 3 months.
•Controls flea allergy dermatitis (FAD).
•Effective against fipronil-resistant strains of fleas.

Tick Control
•Kills paralysis ticks and continues to protect for 4 months.
•Provides effective control of pre-existing infestations of paralysis ticks within 24 hours.
•Kills brown dog ticks and bush ticks and continues to protect for 2 months.
•In tick season, daily searching for and removal of paralysis ticks is recommended.

•Controls demodex, sarcoptes and ear mites after a single treatment.

Bravecto is readily consumed by most dogs when given by the owner. Bravecto can also be given with food or administered in the same way as other tablets. Can be used all year around. Try Bravecto and experience the difference it makes in the lives of you and your pet. Bravecto provides 12 weeks of protection against fleas and ticks with a single treatment.

That’s easy and convenient treating, fewer chances to forget and a better experience for you and your pet, all taken care of with just one dose.


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