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Royal Canin Early Renal Cat Food Pouches


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ROYAL CANIN VETERINARY DIET Canin Veterinary Early Renal Wet Cat Food Pouches

Royal Canin Veterinary Early Renal Wet Cat Food

Royal Canin Medium Veterinary Early Renal is a complete and balanced meal that has been formulated to support animals with chronic renal insufficiency. This diet is formulated with EPA & DHA. These are antioxidant complexes and moderate phosphorus which help support renal health at the first indication of impairment and decline.

This food is tailored for pets who need support in early stages of renal insufficiency, and contains nutrients, antioxidants, chondroitin, glucosamine, and an adapted L-tryptophan ratio, to help support pets during the early signs of ageing. Royal Canins renal care for also offers digestive support with a highly digestible formula that is balanced fibres, including prebiotics, to aid in healthy digestion and gastrointestinal function.

Key Benefits: 

  • Specifically formulated to aid chronic renal insufficiency
  • Made from highly digestible ingredients to support digestion and gastrointestinal function
  • Complete and balanced diet that can be fed long term
  • Contains antioxidants, chondroitin, glucosamine, and an adapted L-tryptophan ratio to aid ageing pets
  • Comes in the form of wet or dry food to suit any diet

Note: It is recommended that you seek out a veterinarian’s opinion before use or before extending the period of use. To start, feed Early Renal meals for up to 6 months in cases of chronic renal insufficiency. This food is recommended in cases of Early Chronic Kidney Disease1 (IRIS stage 1), and/or Senior pets over 7 years old showing apparent signs of ageing. This food is not recommended in cases of growth, gestation and lactation. A full health check should be performed by a veterinarian every 6 months.

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1 Pouch, Box of 12 Pouches


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