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Nurse Tisha

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Nurse Tisha

Certificate IV In Veterinary Nursing


Tisha joined our Harbourside Vet team in 2023 bringing a blend of compassion and expertise to her role as a veterinary nurse. Her journey began with a deep love for animals, propelling her to pursue formal training and certification in veterinary nursing.


Tisha’s genuine care for both pets and their owners is evident in her every interaction. Her reassuring presence and empathetic nature create a comforting environment, especially during moments of stress. Beyond her technical skills, Tisha’s dedication to fostering the human-animal bond shines through.


Outside the clinic, Tisha’s commitment to animals continues as she volunteers at local shelters, embodying her passion for making a positive impact. Her journey from education to her vital role at Harbourside Vet reflects her unwavering dedication to the well-being of our furry companions.


With Tisha on our team, we are privileged to have a compassionate advocate for pets and their families, enriching our commitment to exceptional care.



“AVC: Your trusted destination for expert, compassionate pet care. Our dedicated team ensures top-notch veterinary services tailored to your pet’s unique needs, guaranteeing their health and happiness.”