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Tara Olfat

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Tara Olfat

General Manager & Senior Veterinary Nurse


Introducing Tara Olfat, a dynamic and integral member of our veterinary practice serving as both Chief Operating Officer and Senior Veterinary Nurse. Tara’s journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the well-being of animals and her dedication to fostering a seamless and exceptional experience for our clients and their beloved pets.


With her comprehensive background and expertise, Tara adeptly manages the operations of Harbourside Vet Hospital, St Marys Vet Hospital and Mamre Rd Vet Clinic. Her remarkable organizational skills and leadership qualities ensure that our clinics operate smoothly allowing our team to focus on delivering the highest quality care.


While Tara has transitioned from her role as a full-time veterinary nurse, her passion for animal care remains deeply ingrained. She continues to contribute her expertise by occasionally fulfilling nursing shifts bringing her wealth of knowledge and compassion to the forefront.


As Chief Operating Officer, Tara’s devotion extends to nurturing a cohesive and collaborative team ensuring that every aspect of our practice aligns with our mission of delivering outstanding veterinary care. Her multifaceted role reflects her commitment to excellence, compassion, and a profound love for animals.


With Tara’s guidance, our practice continues to thrive and provide the exceptional care that our clients have come to expect. Her tireless efforts, combined with her genuine passion make her an invaluable asset and a driving force behind the success of Harbourside Vet Hospital, St Marys Vet Hospital and Mamre Vet Clinic



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